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From: dude sweet
Subject: Fake Movies"Brian, you've got to come over after school today. Can you?""Why?" I ask."Just fucking trust me for once. OK?""I'll see."At lunch I call my mom and she says I can go but have to be home by 6:00.
She almost always says yes, unless I'm grounded or something. And in 8th
grade, you get grounded a lot. She wants me to always ask; likes lil loli nude models to hear me
beg I guess. Maybe she loves the power, I don't know.We go into Brian's room. He shuts his door, which is pretty strange. I'd
been to his house many times, but he never closed his door."Come on." He scoots over on his desk chair and I sit one butt cheek down."See the title," he points to his you tube video, "Kid Jacking Off.""Yeah." Is he going to show me porn?!!!!!But it's just this stupid kid asking why we are looking at a video called
Kid Jacking Off." It's kind of funny, really. Damn, I thought maybe Brian
was interested in seeing a real one.He types in some stuff and brings up a bunch of video's of people jacking
off. Actually, there all of people pretending to jack off. It's kind of
stupid."So, you want to do it?""Do what?" I ask."Make a fake jacking off video, dumbass. We can make two. One of you and
one of me.""Ok, I guess.""Cool." He hands me his cell phone. "OK, go out of my room and shut the
door. Wait until I say start, then turn on the video camera, and slowly
open the door. I'll be sitting at the desk, with my back to you. Be sure
you get my arm action," he makes the jacking off motion. "Then slowly come
closer, then I'll hear you, turn around and freak out. OK?""OK. Show me how to start the camera." He shows me how. He is sits down,
his eyes right at my crotch level. I think he can tell I have a boner. I
look, and he might have one too!I leave the room and in just a few seconds, he hollers action.I open the door and aim the camera at him. It does look like he's jacking
off. I come closer, then he pre model nude loli turns his head around and freaks out, yelling
and screaming.After he looks like he's done freaking out, I turn off the camera. He hooks
it up to his computer and downloads the video. Then we watch it. It's a
cell phone, so it's pretty shitty quality, but it is funny as hell.It takes him over a half an hour to figure out how to send it to youtube,
and then it's too late to do mine. He asks, and I agree to come over the
next day. What he doesn't know is I've decided to give him a little
surprise.So after school the next day, we reverse rolls. I sit at his desk, and he
goes out of the room. I actually pull shorts and boxers down enough to
actually let out my full on boner. Even though I jacked off 4 times since
yesterday, I'm still hornier than hell.He yells, "Ready!""Yes, do it." Hehehe, but I'm the one actually really doing it.He comes in the room. He is filming, and can't yet tell that I'm really
doing it. He comes closer, and still I don't turn around. He clears his
throat and I'm pounding away."Shit!" he yells out as he sees me actually doing it. I spin his chair
around and face him and the camera. He's not looking through the camera,
he's looking right at me.I pull up my shirt right before I come, and he quickly looks back through
the camera to make sure I am still in the picture. I fill my belly button
with sperm and grin at him and the camera."Hehehe, I was horny. Sorry, I messed up your video.""Damn, Jason, you're a stud.""Got some tissues?"He leaps over and pulls out a roll from under his bed. Yeah, good hiding
place, I bet his mom never looks under his bed. I clean up, and pull up my
clothes."Move over." He transfers the video to the computer, then we watch me
jacking off. It's totally hot. He obviously has a boner, and mine still
hasn't gone down. We watch it a second time."I guess you want me to young girls naked lolitas erase this?" he asks."Do what you want. Keep it, jack to it," I point to his boner," whatever."Fuck, you don't care if I nude lolita titties galleries upload it?""No, why would I care. Nobody can really tell it's me. But first let's make
a real one of you." Heheh, my plan all along."No way. I'm not jacking off for the entire world.""We can erase yours, just make it. Come on, it's only fair." He's big into
fair.He thinks a little, He looks at the clock. "Why the fuck not."I leave the room and it takes him over a minute. "Action," he yells.I turn on the camera, and open the door. He's got no shirt on, and his
Angels cap on his head. As I get closer, I can see he's totally naked! And
he's watching my jacking off video while he's jacking off. It's the first
time I've ever seen him naked. He looks even hotter than I imagined. I keep
the phone pointed and reach over to spin him around. His cap is pulled
down, so all you can see is his chin, but that's not where I'm looking.
He's so totally into it. Then, without warning he shoots all over the
place. Damn!He cleans up, puts on his boxers and shorts, then up loads his to the
computer. We watch it again. Then I get the best idea."Let's make another one. Both of us at the same time."At first, he looks a little surprised, then he looks a little horny. "OK,
but then we erase it right?""Sure, whatever, I don't care. With your hat you can't even see your face.""Yeah, I know. That's why I did it.""So you going to post yours too?""Yeah, maybe."I'm so excited, but young girls naked lolitas we can't really figure out how to make the phone stand
up on his desk and aim it at us."Let's just jack off, we can figure out the phone tomorrow, I have to go
home in a little bit.""You mean just jack off together?""Yeah, why not. We're both just horny little fuckers."He gets a big grin on his face."Yeah!"
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